Application instructions & Participation fee

If you have a question, please check the FAQ.

Participation fee

Accepted participants pay a participation fee of € 1080. Those without limited institutional funds pay the reduced fee of € 540. Those with no institutional funds can opt for the hardship fee of €270 (please provide a reason for the hardship fee in your motivation letter).

The fee covers the accommodation, half board, and the program. On the Constructor University campus accommodation is in an individual room in a 2-room apartment (that means the bathroom is shared with one other person).

There is a limited number of capped travel grants that can be allocated to participants whose home institution can not cover travel expenses. You need to provide proof from your institution in your submission file. A capped travel grant means that there is a maximum that we can pay, however, you have to hand in a reimbursement form and receipts and can only get reimbursed the actual proven cost. There is no lump-sum payment.

To apply, please prepare the material as listed in the call in a single PDF file and submit it via OpenReview (follow the instructions below).

Application instructions for OpenReview

For application, you need an account on OpenReview! OpenReview is built opensource for the research community. Open review informs about the following

  • New profiles created without an institutional email will go through a moderation process that can take up to two weeks.
  • New profiles created with an institutional email will be activated automatically.

Institutional emails are those from recognized scientific/academic institutions. So, if you have an institutional email from your university, use THIS and NOT your gmail or whatever email to speed up the process. If you consider to apply but do not have an institutional account, make and account NOW!

The application steps are the following:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your OpenReview account credentials (see above!)
  3. When you are logged in, you will see a button next to “Add:” that says “WeDSSS 2024 Submission”
  4. Now, you can submit your details and the single PDF file that combines your motivation letter, CV, and project preferences (check the list of projects).
  5. We use the following OpenReview fields and checkboxes
    • Title: Enter the short title of the project of your first preference. (Note: This field was there by default and could not be removed. Filling it with your first preference helps us sort applications quickly.)
    • Authors: Your name should be already there when logged in at OpenReview. So, you do not need to do more.
    • PDF:  Single file with motivation letter, short CV (or link to a website with CV), proof that your institution cannot cover travel expenses if you apply for a travel grant.
    • Project preferences: Select your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd preference.
    • Participation fee: Select your participation fee.
    • Travel grant: Tickbox whether you apply for the travel grant (if so, please motivate in the motivation letter).
    • Travel origin: Write from where you will come to the school (country and city). The field is mandatory if you apply for a Travel Grant.
    • Demographic information: Check all that apply. You can also leave it open.
  6. Check your inbox (after some minutes) to find a confirmation of your submission.