The BIGSSS-CSS Summer School on migration takes place in Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy).

Cagliari is the capital of Sardinia. While the city itself has about 150,000 inhabitants, the metropolitan area of Cagliari has around 450,000 inhabitants. The number make it clear: Cagliari is a city where a lot is going on. Shopping, going out, enjoying the flair of the historically meaningful city, doing sports, enjoying culture, exciting beach life or exploring the surrounding area – Cagliari is just the place. For a holiday or short break or a city break or a short beach holidoay Cagliari is the ideal place to be.

While mass tourism has found its way into many coastal cities in Italy, one thing is apparent here: Sardinian originality and authenticity. Expensive souvenir shops or overpriced gastronomic offers – you do not have to worry about these things. Cagliari’s central location is the harbor and the train station is just a few hundred meters from the city center. The airport is located in the suburb of Elmas – depending on the traffic situation, it takes about 20 minutes by car to get to the city center, where most of Cagliari’s attractions can be found.


Historic city center and Bastione San Remy

The historic city center of Cagliari as well als the bastion San Remy are located on a hill, that you simply cannot miss. On top of the hill and the narrow streets Cagliari is being crowned by the Bastion (Bastione San Remy). The walls high above the city offer awesome views on and over the city – into every direction. The view goes far beyond the sea to the surrounding mountains. Entering the historic city center and the bastion is easy, you simply follow the roads uphill. Large stairways or narrow streets will lead you there.

Small and larger shops can be found all around the city center, numerous Restaurants, Bars and similar locationsare quite tempting. In the historic center of Cagliari you will only find a few brand stores. Small or local labels, bakeries, pastry-shops, handicrafts and alike dominate the picture. You will realize very quick, that Cagliari is very unique and Sardinians love their own style. Larger international brands are selling their products in brand stores and shopping centers in the suburbs of Cagliari; for example in Sestu and in Quartu St. Elena.

From here it is also worth exploring the winding streets that cover the hill. If you have enough time, you should come here for lunch, dinner, an event or a nice bar.


City beach Poetto, salines and Flamingos

The city’s own beach called Poetto offers a lively beach life with restaurants, stalls and bars and is stronly frequented by the inhabitants of the city especially on weekends – for swimming, for fun but also for sports activities such as beach volleyball, running or go to the bike. The poetto is a wide and sandy beach and it stretches for about 8 to 9 kilometers / about 5.5 miles. The promontory of the Sella del Diavolo (Devil Saddle) stands out very significantly and dominates the smaller marina along the Poetto beach.

Only a few footsteps behind the beach you will find extensive salines. The area is covered with evaporation basins that are being flooded with salt water. The shallow walt water is where the flamingos live in large amounts. There are pathways through the salines, so that you can watch the pink and white birds – you can go by foot or bicycle.

If you like to be outside, you may like to go up to Parco Monte Urpinu. The park is located on a hill and it gives way to fantastic views onto the beach and the city.


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