Who is eligible as a participant?

Do I need to have a certain educational degree for being admitted?

Application & selection procedure

How can I apply for the summer school?

I am interested in your doctoral/postdoc program. How do I apply?

How will the selection of participants be done?

How will the matching of project teams be done?


To what extent are the projects on the website fixed?

To what extent does the project work start before the beginning of the school?

Should I contact one of the experts to gauge their interest in supporting a proposal?

Travel grant

What are the conditions of a capped travel grant?

What kind of proof do you require to show that I am eligible for the travel grant?

Is the travel grant capped and if so at which rate?

Participation fee

Do you charge an application fee for each submission?

Can you waive the registration fee?


Do I have to bring my own laptop?

Other questions

Please address all other questions to css [at] bigsss-bremen [dot] de