Conflicts 2018 @ Bremen

The BIGSSS-CSS Summer School on Conflict takes place from 23 July – 3 August 2018 at Jacobs University in Bremen (Germany).

The two-weeks summer school serves as a research incubator linking social science research on conflicts with computational methods of data mining and analysis. During the summer school, participants are introduced to methods of computational social sciences (CSS) and conflict research. The summer school follows a data-driven modeling approach. With regard to conflicts, this may involve the data-driven modeling of the onset, development, or duration of violent or non-violent social conflicts. It may make use of simulations and predictions, or it might look into the consequences of conflict, for instance its relation to migration and social cohesion. A special focus shall be given to methodological approaches fostering predictive models. We intend to tackle a blend of research questions within projects pre-defined by our experts and research questions proposed by participants of the summer school.

Program. Our two-weeks program with info on lectures, projects, workshops, round table, experts, and social program.