The summer schools are generously funded by a grant from the VolkswagenStiftung.

Current Organizing Team

Jan Lorenz (BIGSSS, Constructor University Bremen)

Marijn Keijzer (Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse)

Bruce Edmonds (Manchester Metropolitan University)

Members of the Organizing Team

Adalbert Wilhelm (BIGSSS, Jacobs University Bremen)

Emanuel Deutschmann (BIGSSS & Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg)

Klaus Boehnke (BIGSSS, Jacobs University Bremen)

Andreas Flache (Department of Sociology, ICS, University of Groningen)

Francesco Mola (Department of Economics and Statistics, University of Cagliari)

Arline Rave (BIGSSS, University Bremen)

Laura Schmid (Jacobs University, Bremen)

Former Cooperating Partners in Preparation

Betina Hollstein (BIGSSS, Department of Sociology, University of Bremen)

Francesca Giardini (​Department of Sociology, ICS, University of Groningen)

Sebastian Haunss (BIGSSS, Socium, Uni Bremen)

Michael Mäs (Department of Sociology, ICS, University of Groningen)

David Garcia (Chair of Systems Design, ETH Zurich)

Frank Schweitzer (Chair of Systems Design, ETH Zurich)

Sebastian Wandelt (School of Electronic and Information Engineering, Beihang University)

Xiaoqian Sun (School of Electronic and Information Engineering, Beihang University)

Liubov V. Borisova (Department of Sociology, Uppsala University)

Sebastian Schutte (Zukunftskolleg and Department of Politics and Public Administration, University of Konstanz)

Organizing and hosting institutions

Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences (BIGSSS)

BIGSSS integrates excellent areas of graduate education and research at the University of Bremen and Jacobs University into a synergetic inter-university institution designed to be an internationally competitive model of graduate education. Founded upon the core disciplines of political science, sociology and psychology (while also integrating bordering disciplines) and supported by a solid foundation in social-science methodology, BIGSSS offers advanced interdisciplinary training, thus preparing fellows for leading professional positions inside and outside of academia, both nationally and internationally.

Jacobs University

Jacobs University is a private, English-language campus-based university in Bremen offering the highest standards in research and teaching. By means of academic education, intensive support, and through living together on an international campus, its objective is to encourage young, talented people, irrespective of nationality, religion, and background in becoming citizens of the world, able to take leading and responsible roles for the future sustainable and peaceful development of humanity.

University of Cagliari

At the moment the University of Cagliari is one of the largest enterprises in the Region of Sardinia, thanks to its international policy, studies and its numerous agreements with prestigious universities in Europe and around the world. The benefits of studying at the University of Cagliari are its academic excellence, its innovative programs, its exchange opportunities, its facilities (including all levels and types of sporting facilities) its location on the beautiful Sardinian coast and the low cost of living.

Interuniversity Center for Social Science Theory and Methodology (ICS)

The ICS is a leading research center and graduate school in the social sciences in the Netherlands. The ICS was established in 1986 to promote theoretically and methodologically advanced work in the field of sociology and social sciences. It is a joint effort of four Dutch universities, the University of Groningen (RUG), the University of Utrecht (UU), the Radboud University of Nijmegen (RU), and the University of Amsterdam (UvA).